in our life journey,
enjoy the scenery through the porthole.

Here, we share:
where we go, what we see, what we experience. 

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PAN and RITA, Designer pursue in interior design and graphic design respectively. PAN’s affection in photography and devotion in travelling motivates him to travel all over Japan over the years, while RITA’s passion lies in documenting her daily life and travel memories through her camera lenses, when the two came together they found MIDWAY, an initiation to share the concept of incorporating travelling and photography, to build a platform themed with a motif - “MIDWAY in our life journey, enjoy the scenery through the porthole"

Along the way of building up the MIDWAY, the duo perceived that “While we all may run into the same peoples and matters through our lives, but each of us will experience them differently”. Sharing very similar thoughts and interests, the two founder want to contribute their perspectives on life, design and travelling, distributing through images and words with the help of this platform.


  • 6月──開始於香港《MILK》每週刊登文字專欄 MIDWAY journal
  • 同月──開始於《MILK》台灣雙週刊版刊登專欄 MIDWAY journal
  • June - column MIDWAY journal debut in Milk Magazine Weekly Hong Kong 
  • Same month - column MIDWAY journal  debut in Milk Magazine Bi-weekly  Taiwan 


  • 4月──首次將旅行的回憶實體化,並邀請到日本三百年企業的「中川政七商店」與奈良百年文化財町家「紀寺之家」合作,更於MILK MART中環摩天輪內舉行期間限定店。
  • 10月──開始於中國內地《MILK》刊登文字專欄MIDWAY journal。
  • 12月──於中環 Common Ground cafe 舉行為期四個月的 MIDWAY Popup Store。
  • April - Popup Store at MILK MART, The HK Observation Wheel, Central.  MIDWAY's first visualised project, a presentation of their travelling memoirs, a collaboration with Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, a 300 years old corporate and Nara machiya-do Kidera-no-ie, a corporate maintain and runs 100 years old accommodation. 
  • October - column MIDWAY journal debut in Milk Magazine Bi-weekly China
  • December - Popup store at Common Ground cafe Central ( to Mar 2017)


  • 1月──開始於台灣《The News Lens》生活文化平台《every little d》作文字專欄連載
  • 5月至7月初──於上環磅巷文化藝術場地 C-dou 舉行為期兩個月的 MIDWAY Popup Store,將旅行中所收集回來的好東西及故事與客人分享。期間亦邀請到東京旅行、設計專欄作家吳東龍先生從台灣到場,與MIDWAY舉行「在街角上轉轉、描繪東京散步路線」作對談分享會,得到超額報名,反應相當熱烈全場滿座。
  • 6月──開始於台灣《Shopping Design》設計資訊平台作文字專欄連載
  • 8月──開設首間店舖 MIDWAY shop,推廣選物背後的故事,並不定期在店內舉辦小型展覽及分享會
  • 10月──
    - 與日本攝影師濱田英明先生合作舉行《若草 WAKAKUSA》攝影展及出版攝影集。
    - 開始於香港《Now.com》新聞資訊平台作文字專欄連載
  • 12月──與日本插畫家 Noritake 於 MIDWAY shop 舉行『SOME PRODUCTS』產品展 
    - 開始於台灣深度旅遊網上媒體《旅飯 PanTravel》作文字專欄連載
  • January - Contribute debut to《every little d》column, a media platform under the《The News Lens》Taiwan
  • May to July - MIDWAY Popup Store at C-dou, Pound Lane Sheung Wan, another presentation of travelling memoirs, including a seminar collaborating acclaimed Designer, Columnist and Writer Mr Tomic Wu, who’s also known as a Tokyo travel expert, to share his travelling experience.
  • June - Column debut at 《Shopping Design》, an art and design themed web media platform .
  • August - MIDWAY shop retail shop debut, a presentation of stories behind products, also a venue for panel and seminar.
  • October - 《若草 WAKAKUSA》book project with Japanese Photographer Mr. Hamada Hideaki, photography exhibition launched and photobook announcement.
    - Column debut at 《Now.com》, a news and lifestyle themed web media platform.
  • December - 『SOME PRODUCTS』exhibition with illustrator Noritake at MIDWAY shop .
    - Column debut at 《PanTravel》, an In-depth travel online media platform.



  • 1月──於《香港蘋果日報》副刊《果籽》籽想旅行平台作連載,並刊登在《籽想去京都》實體版旅遊指南
  • 3月──
    - 參與由日本國駐香港總領事館及日本國際交流基金會所主辦的《日本手工作業的形態 -傳統與手藝-》展覽活動中,為《手工藝文化的故事》作講座分享。
    - 於人文旅遊導覽網頁 HereNow 作文字專欄
  • 5月──MIDWAY參與大阪北加賀屋2019春季亞洲書跳蚤市集
  • 6月──
    - 參與由K11於SALON11舉辦K11 Art Matsuri芸術祭的《日式簡約風(藝術設計)》作講座分享。
    - 於 PMQ 元創方網頁「設計號外」作文字專欄
  • 7月──於雜誌《Obscura》網上平台元作文字專欄
  • 9月──於MIDWAY shop 舉行MIDWAY × KOKUYO Design Award聯乘企劃展覽
  • 11月&12月──與日本插畫家 NoritakeMIDWAY shop 舉行『昏昏欲睡 ねむくなる』 × ZUCCa 巡迴展
  • January - Articles debut at Hong Kong Newspaper《Apple Daily》supplement section《Apple Seed》travel themed media platform《Travel Seed》, and also published on 《Travel Seed》Kyoto travel guidebook.
  • March -
    - MIDWAY participated as a guest speaker in 《Japanese Handcrafted Form: Traditions and Techniques》exhibition event's mini talk section "Story of Crafts culture" by Local Craft shop owners, which hosted by Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong & The Japan Foundation.
    - Column debut at 《HereNow》, online creative city guide platform.
  • May - MIDWAY joined KITAKAGAYA Flea 2019 Spring & Asia Book Market in Osaka, Japan.
  • Jun -
    - MIDWAY participated as a guest speaker in 《日式簡約風(藝術設計)》K11 Art Matsuri event's mini talk section, which hosted by K11 at SALON11.
    - Column debut at PMQ website《DESIGN EXTRA
  • Jul - Column debut at website《Obscura Magazine
  • Sep - MIDWAY × KOKUYO Design Award exhibition at MIDWAY shop
  • Nov & Dec - 『ねむくなる』 × ZUCCa illustration exhibition with Japanese illustrator Noritake at MIDWAY shop .


  • 1月──香港藝術家fungtaitau 於 MIDWAY shop 舉行『a beautiful day』個人畫展
  • 3月──台灣生活用具品牌「TOAST Living」於 MIDWAY shop 舉行期間限定店
  • 4月──
    - 香港國際攝影節衛星展覽《都市.病》攝影師林健恆
    - 開設咖啡外賣店 PRESS THE BUTTON coffee stand
    - 蔡瀚億 BabyJohn -【⽴】⽇本茶道相展
  • 7月──與日本插畫家 Noritake 於 MIDWAY shop 舉行作品集「WORKS」迷你展
  • 8月&9月──於 MIDWAY shop 舉行日本設計品牌 MOHEIM POP UP STORE
  • January - 『a beautiful day. 』solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist fungtaitau at MIDWAY shop .
  • March - Lifestyle houseware brand Toast Living from Taiwan Popup store at MIDWAY shop.
  • April -
    - Hong Kong International Photo Festival Satellite Exhibition 'Urban Disease' by Photographer Jimmy Lam
    PRESS THE BUTTON coffee stand debut
    - Babyjohn Choi Japanese Tea Ceremony Photo Exhibition 【⽴】
  • July - 『WORKS』illustration exhibition with Japanese illustrator Noritake at MIDWAY shop .
  • Aug & Sep - Japanese lifestyle brand MOHEIM POP UP STORE at MIDWAY shop .


  • 7月──於HOW @ K11 Art Mall舉行HOW × MIDWAY 夏日涼感生活限定店
  • 8月──開設MIDWAY shop 中環街市店
  • 9月──
    - 於富利來商場開設「紙上」藝廊店
    - 於「紙上」舉行ONE AND ONLY POPUP
  • 11月──於「紙上」藝廊舉辦日本藝術家 maitoparta solo exhibition 《NEO FRIENDS》
  • 12月──
    - 於MIDWAY shop 中環街市店舉辦 MIDWAY × 中川政七商店 香港期間限定店 第二回
    - 於「紙上」藝廊舉辦《SyuRo/東屋 生活的設計》展示
  • July - SUMMER POP UP STORE at HOW @ K11 Art Mall
  • Aug - MIDWAY shop Central Market debut
  • Sep -
    - Shijo Gallery debut
    - ONE AND ONLY POPUP at Shijo Gallery
  • Nov - maitoparta solo exhibition 《NEO FRIENDS》at Shijo Gallery
  • Dec -
    - MIDWAY × Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten POPUP store at MIDWAY shop Central Market
    - 《SyuRo/東屋 生活的設計》showcase event at Shijo Gallery


  • 1月──於「紙上」藝廊舉辦MIDWAY × 権太堂《一日:生活花事》solo exhibition 
  • 3月──於 PRESS THE BUTTON coffee stand 舉行 MIA MIA Tokyo 期間限定店
  • Jan - MIDWAY × 権太堂《一日:生活花事》solo exhibition at Shijo Gallery
  • Mar - MIA MIA Tokyo POPUP store at PRESS THE BUTTON coffee stand

MIDWAY 文字專欄刊登於:


  • 每星期《Milk》雜誌版(2019年9月開始,《Milk》改為月刊)
  • Now.com新聞〈好遊〉
  • 《香港蘋果日報》副刊《果籽》籽想旅行平台
  • PMQ 元創方網頁「設計號外
  • 雜誌《Obscura》網上平台:MIDWAY



  • 《Milk》雙週刊


MIDWAY articles are published in the following media:

[Hong Kong]

  • Milk Magazine Weekly (Milk changed to Monthly Magazine from 2019 Sept)
  • Now.com News Lifestyle
  • Newspaper《Apple Daily》supplement section《Apple Seed》travel themed media platform《Travel Seed
  • PMQ website 《DESIGN EXTRA
  • Obscura Magazine》website


  • 《Milk》Bi-weekly
  • 《every little d》,sub-platform under《The News Lens》:MIDWAY
  • 《Shopping Design》Design related media platform:MIDWAY
  • 《PanTravel》In-depth travel online media platform:MIDWAY


  • 《Milk》Bi-weekly


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